Safety Policy

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It is the responsibility of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to provide the facilities, equipment, tools, procedures, training and programs necessary for its employees to work in a hazard free environment. It is the responsibility of each employee to work safely for the benefit of themselves as well as their co-workers.

This responsibility includes following the appropriate safety rules and regulations and using appropriate risk assessment and sound judgment while planning each work assignment, as well as displaying a serious devotion to work safely.

The Montgomery County Safety Program was established to prevent injuries, illnesses and exposures to employees due to hazards in the work place and to provide a safe environment for the public that use County facilities. All employees should read and be familiar with the Safety Policy Manual and follow all applicable polices, procedures and rules contained therein. All Drivers of County owned vehicles must complete an Authorized Driver Form with their supervisor‘s signature and return to the Risk Management Department and attend Defensive Driver Training sponsored by the Risk Management Department.

Montgomery County, TX offers to all employees as allowed by each Department’s Supervisor a half day course in both CPR/AED and First Aid Training.

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